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Environment changes are transforming the way organizations / Institutions create value and conduct business. In particular, enterprises of all sizes are increasingly focused on both business issues and opportunities related to human assets.



Understanding HR Processes, designing and implementing effective HR policies is indeed a difficult task in any organization. SPS HR Solutions has helped us manage our workforce across locations in a streamlined manner.
- Satish Mehra, CEO

We sincerely appreciates the diligence and dedication demonstrated by the SPS HR team. We acknowledge the enthusiasm and extra hours that their team has put in and salute their professional approach.
- Kansai Nerolac

“Structural way things explained. I would rate the overall course quality as excellent, the quality of videos as very good, and the course material quality as excellent. I will definitely recommend it to others.”
- Preethi Laxmi, Certified HRBA

"Very friendly environment, great course material and the instructor patiently explaining all the issues and making sure every one understood the course content. I would rate the overall course quality as excellent, the expertise of the instructor as excellent, and the course material quality as excellent.”
- Lynne Snyder, Certified HRBL

Talent Development Services

Your people are your greatest resource, and we provide the tools to fulfill your organization's needs when it comes to how you enable them to grow and develop.

Organization Development Services

At SPS HR Solutions we are dedicated to offering programs and services that help organizations recruit, retain, and develop world-class manpower. Our organizational development (OD) services focus on developing organizations and teams.

HR Services

As companies reorganize to gain competitive edge, human resources plays a key role in helping companies deal with a fast-changing competitive environment and the greater demand for quality employees.

HR Outsources Services

Have you been wondering how to approach human resources? Outsourcing can give you access to skills, knowledge and support, and save you costs in the long run.

Staffing & Recruitment Services

We offer - staffing and recruitment services like permanent staffing, temporary staffing, campus recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing, candidate recruitment services.